Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oven Baked Beef Stew...

This is all there is to it..put all the ingredients in the pot, even the uncooked stew meat. Cover and bake....The house will smell so good all afternoon.

Just clean up the kitchen, dinner will be ready in 4-5 hours..and it looks like you were busy all afternoon making this great dinner.

This is how yummy it looks when it's done!

2 lb. stew meat
3 large carrots
5 medium sized potatoes
1 medium chopped onion
3 stalks celery
1-16 ounce can tomatoes, or stewed tomatoes ( I like the petite diced)
1 Tbsp. salt
dash of pepper
3 Tbsp. dry tapioca

1 C. water with teaspoon of beef bouillon

Cut stew meat into bite size pieces; cut potatoes and carrots in chunks. Slice celery.
Mix all ingredients together.
Bake 250 degrees, covered for 5 hours. Do not peek.

I add:
3/4 C. frozen defrosted peas
1 C. green beans

This is so easy to make. You just put it all together and forget about it!

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